ILO Wellness Egg

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A Soft and Flexible Waterproof Vibrator.

The Egg is a flexible palm size vibrator designed to cup the vulva stimulating the entire erogenous area. The Egg is 100% waterproof and has 10 vibration patterns starting at a lower frequency and increasing as you cycle through.

Ilo Wellness was inspired by a girls' dinner discussion about sexual discovery, revealing that many women are unfamiliar with their own sexual experiences. This insight, combined with Luciana's love for design and detail, propelled ILO wellness to create not just functional products, but ones that are modern and embody contemporary femininity. Their aim goes beyond aesthetics; focused on sparking conversations and challenging taboos about self-pleasure and empowerment. Their philosophy is rooted in the deep connection between women and the earth, guiding their commitment to sustainable practices and products that honour both personal health and the environment.