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Tiggy Daisy Dream Jane - Shoulder Bag Cognac


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An elegant boho luxe over the shoulder masterpiece with hand tooling and hand coloured with craftsman hand stitching to complete this unique piece.

Dimensions: 22cm wide by 18cm high by 8cm deep with adjustable strap.

The Origins:

Proudly Australian handcrafted by masters of their trade.
Each and every Tiggy Cuddington design is made in Australia.
Each and every material is hand cut and stitched.
Each and every piece is unique.

Cuddington partners are dedicated to ethically sourcing the finest animal skins and hides from around the world to deliver an unrivalled collection of luxury. Committed to ensuring that products are by-products of the meat industry ensuring that the highest level of care and environmental concern is taken in the processing of the hide. The tanneries they work with follow strict directives to ensure the chemicals applied to the natural hide are safe for humans, pets and the environment.