Neuw Denim

Neuw Denim is a premium denim brand out of both Melbourne, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden. Started almost 10 years ago by three friends who shared a fascination and love for quality denim and alternative music, their dream was to take denim out of the history books and bring it into the modern world. 

Founded on a need for originality and independence, Neuw’s focus has always been on making the best jeans, using the best fabrics in the most ethical and responsible way. Jeans they themselves love and want to wear, jeans their friends love and want to wear, and most importantly, jeans you will love and never want to take off. 

Jeans for young musicians, artists, makers & creators. Jeans for those who want denim that will last tonight, tomorrow, & the best times of their life.

Core Collection

It has taken years to collate the best fabrics from around the globe, develop the perfect blend of washes and patterns and produce them in fits We are proud to present to our customers. Our Core Collection is developed with a commitment to quality. Sourced, produced and designed with style, confidence and comfort in mind.


FORM - Denim Made For Movement

Crafted from premium, high-stretch denim, FORM is the ultimate comfort in modern jeans. Jeans that are made to move with you & your lifestyle. Over half of our Men's denim range is now crafted using premium, high-stretch denim FORM fabrics. The same authentic fits and washes, an entirely new experience in comfort.


ZERO -  A Premium Sustainable Denim Collection By Neuw.

ZERO Water Wasted. ZERO Chemical Distressing.  ZERO Washing Waste.

A responsible & sustainable production initiative to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing & development process. Working for a cleaner, better future. 

ZERO Water Wasted

With ZERO we decided to completely overhaul our washing methods. We are extremely proud to say that the water used in our manufacturing process is renewed, reused, and recycled with zero waste being discharged as contaminated sewage into the water grid. 

ZERO Chemical Distressing

ZERO completely replaces traditional denim distressing processes such as bleaching, acid washing, and potassium permanganate, and instead are hand-stitched, hand-brushed, and hand-grinded prior to washing to produce distressed aesthetic without the use of harmful chemicals. This method allows us to drastically minimise the amount of chemicals used and decrease our overall environmental impact.

ZERO Washing Waste

ZERO eliminates classic stone-washing methods by adopting the use of synthetic stones in replace of traditional pumice. Made from an environmental resin this innovative alternative leaves no washing waste or sludge behind, decreasing our carbon footprint and allowing us to clean and recycle water in a much more energy efficient manner. 


Organic Cotton - From Field To Factory.

Sustainability is a core pillar of the Neuw Denim brand. We continue to make progress every day, remaining committed to socially and environmentally sustainable choices throughout our manufacturing processes. From the laundry to the factory and now the field. Proudly presenting our Organic Cotton initiative, a venture into a cleaner, greener more responsible production process from seed to showroom.