Born in Australia, jewellery artist Reema Elassaad spent the best part of her adult life traveling the world, exploring and learning about the process of fine art sculpture, and jewellery. Combing the influences of Ancient Byzantine and Roman crafts, traditional Turkish jewellery comes cast in gold with jewels and other decorative elements, it was, however, the handcrafted nature, the imperfect, unfinished approach of the jewellery that inspires Reema the most.

Care instructions: Elassaad jewellery is made from solid brass and 925 sterling silver plating, coated with a clear varnish to protect against tarnishing the skin. Elassaad products are designed to show their age, and the colour and patina will deepen subtly over time.

These pieces are indestructible, however to maintain peak appearance, avoid exposure to perfumes and detergents, and take them off to bathe or swim.